Friday, 5 August 2011

Poems: Proposal

I'm no longer in my mid-thirties but this one sounds a very good proposal indeed to me. It's good to be in love but you get to a certain age where you're too old and too independent for the voracious all consuming passion of youth.

Proposal: by Tom Vaughan
Let's fall in love - in our mid thirties, It's not only where the hurt is.
I won't get smashed up, should you go away for weekends - we both know
No, two people can be completely all-sufficient, but twice weekly,
We'll dine together, split the bill, Admire each other's wit. We will,
Be splendid lovers, slow, well trained,
Tactful, gracefully unrestrained.
You'll keep your flat, and I'll keep mine.
Our bank accounts shall not entwine.
We'll make the whole thing hard and bright,
We'll call it love - we may be right.

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