Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Ramblings: A Pain in the Neck

Goodness me, I’ve been a bit of a tardy blogger. I haven’t posted a word in nearly two weeks. I can explain though, I can even get a note from my mum if needed for proof.
It’s mostly due to one of my ailments preventing me from doing what I want to do again. I may have mentioned before, I get a lot of minor ailments. I keep Boots in business. My chronic neck ache returned with a vengeance and even laid me up in bed a few times with a painful headache from hell. It seems to exacerbate it when I’m using my computer and in spite of all sorts of Heath Robinson attempts at correction with the laptop, cushions, the dining room table and piles of books, I still end up typing like a hunchback.
My posture is chronically bad. I’m either hunched over a keyboard or a book, slouched in a chair or leaning forward listening to a patient who’s lying in bed whilst at work. Not healthy practices. A physio once commented that I was the first person in 20 years he’d seen with a reading injury.
I’ve tried the osteopath, handfuls of anti-inflammatories and various creams and rubs. The osteopath left me short of cash and with a bad neck still but I found the loud clicking noises very satisfying though. I’ve tried not using my computer at all for a week or more. I’ve tried walking like I have a book on my head and am in a Swiss finishing school, using a TENs machine, getting Paul to massage my shoulders and a few desperate attempts at physiotherapy. I had to be desperate. No one wants to stand in a sweaty NHS clinic cubicle with their sweaty torso on display unless they’re fairly desperate. I even actually did the exercises the physio gave me, for a while, which I understand is a rare thing. I shudder at the word exercise but seeing as you can do these sitting down I caved in and did them religiously for a month.
My next plan is a new chair and desk. This is clearly just an excuse to spend money and make my spare room look swankier but who knows, it can’t do any harm. Now...white leather chair or black? Is the white too nouveau riche? Maybe I should just get the neck brace now.

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