Friday, 27 January 2012

Ramblings: Happy Gayboy

Fantastic news on the blogging front: I’ve volunteered to do a guest blog for Mind, the mental health charity, for their website. It won’t be published for a month or two but I’m looking forward to a new audience (not that you lot aren’t fine, of course) and a new writing challenge. They’ve asked if I’ll write about depression and anxiety and told me they like the way I write which is great. I’m really excited about doing it.

I’ve also had a picture and article accepted to feature in a book for: . I sent a little picture of me dressed in my best aristocratic tweeds aged 6 along with a short piece about the perils of being an effeminate boy in a world that didn’t accept that sort of thing readily. I got some lovely emails back from the chap who writes the blog and he’s going to including my picture and a piece of my writing in a book that’s being published in November. I’m overjoyed. The aims of his blog are great. He started it a year ago, to showcase pictures of children who didn’t fit into the gender norms and feature inspiring stories of how they came through difficulties and bullying. His blog has been a massive success (more so than mine...grrrr). The idea is to inspire and support young lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender people. Check the blog out. It’s very funny and quite touching and I’m touched to be a part of the book. I’ll be a famous very gay young boy.

This blog is going really well too which is brilliant. It’s getting over 300 hits a week and the audience is wide, which I love. I’m also trying to get into writing more fiction and contemplating starting a novel again. Tricky business and easy to procrastinate over but I will do it, one day. Now, where did I put that neck vertebrae?

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