Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Poems: Mesalliance

This poem is for my favourite vetinarian, a good friend who's helped me out through the odd crisis or two. I'm sure she doesn't often feel like this about her faithful pooch but I suspect she has her moments.


by Connie Bensley

I am divorcing my dog
He never cared for me: we were
unsuited. His lickspittle allegiance
lies wetly elsewhere, his easy bonhomie
bounces over others

I am barely acknowledged:
a mere opener of tins,
prison warder, valet
In front of other dogs
he is subordinate

I mean to dispose of him
by auction. He suspects this:
sniffs and sighs as I batten down
for the evening. (A window left ajar
and he's gone.)

The back-up plan involves garden work
He peers into my excavtions
glaucous-eyed and curious,
but feints and weaves at my attempts
to catch and measure him

1 comment:

PotlyP said...

Ahhh, you're a sweetie, thank you! My mutt is less enamoured, he claims to be an adoring companion who could never warrant divorce. He is also hoping for a pig's ear and will say anything..