Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Poems: The Very Happy

I've mentioned before that I mistrust the inanely happy. Those constantly smiling people worry me. Either they know something good which I don't or they've failed to learn anything at all from life about all the bad things. Either way, this amusing little poem has made being awake at 6am on my day off work more tolerable.

The Very Happy

by Janet Fisher

                             always have kind grins
when they catch themselves in the mirror
running their fingers through their hair.
Nothing is too much trouble. Though
they've planned to spend the day sunbathing,
when they sense you need to talk
they'll listen seriosuly, offer good advice,
the sort they'll never need themselves,
If you break your leg they say how lucky
it wasn't your neck, and if you break your neck
they teach you to paint with your teeth

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