Sunday, 29 April 2012

Ramblings: Pointless Activities

I’ve remained largely absent from here this month again, mainly due to neck and upper back pain. It’s driving me quite mad. I miss writing. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that this has gone on too long and decided that I need to do the sensible thing and see a doctor, so on Tuesday I’ll be trekking to the surgery with my tales of woe. If only I still had that holy water from Lourdes which I stole from my grandmother in the 1980s. I could douse it on my neck. Maybe the doctor will have a magic cure and I’ll be back to prolific blogging.

I’ve had some good things happen with regard to writing which frustrates me even more when I can’t do it. I hate not writing. I have so much to say!

I had an article published on the Mind website which elicited a good few comments and I was proud to have it accepted. I’ve also been shortlisted to the final ten for a regional writing competition for a short story which I wrote last month. Exciting times. Not sure I’ll win or even come as a runner up but being in the top ten is good enough for now.

I’ve also been to an audition to be on TV quiz show, Pointless. I love a good teatime BBC quiz and have never before plucked up the courage to even contemplate going on one. I especially love Pointless. It appeals to the inner nerd in me and I love trying to get an obscure answer. It’s also quite a friendly and funny show. I suspect if I did go on the show I’d be hopeless and would be bewildered at being in the presence of the two hosts. Alexander Armstrong looks a little bit like Paul (although is slightly less classy) and Richard Osman reminds me of my therapist. This could spell trouble if I end up on the TV show as I may get confused and try to snog one of them and tell the other one about my troubled childhood.

It was the idea of my good friend David, my partner in cynicism and delighting in all things twisted. He got the application forms for the show and it took me a while to come round to the idea. I still can’t believe we even got selected to audition. The audition was a little surreal, held in a generic corporate suite in a chain hotel in Nottingham.

The researchers were way too young and obviously also finding their “buzzing” jobs in media which they must have initially been so proud of, a bit of a chore. They ran us through an audition with ill concealed boredom and what appeared to be lingering hangovers. The other couples seemed pleasant (gay vicars, teenage boys and some blue stocking girls) but the selection process seemed a little random. We did however win the mock game of Pointless thanks to David’s knowledge of Jack Nicolson films and NATO countries and my (embarrassing knowledge) of 1980s Cliff Richard songs.

I’m not sure we’ll get on the show but who knows? If we do, then we get a free couple of days in London and the chance to win very little money. If we don’t then we won’t run the risk of national humiliation. Either way is good!

Keep following, I’ll post when I’m able.

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