Wednesday, 17 November 2021

November 2021: Books

 Yep. I'm off again with my book tips. I've been reading an insane amount this year, due to various episodes of illness, so thought I'd share some of my favourites. Here's my top 5 recent reads. 

If you like sinister then this is the one for you. It's reminiscent of Shirley Jackson and Patricia Highsmith. It's the story of Mrs March, an uptight society housewife in Upper East Side New York in an unspecified Sixties type era. She's married to an author but starts to have suspicions about him. It's a fascinating study of someone descending into paranoia and losing touch with reality. I love a bit of creepy. 

Mrs March a book by Virginia Feito. (

This book is singular in that it uses different genres to tell a story. Starting with a college campus story about an alleged sexual assault, it moves through a Stephen King type horror section, a psychological thriller and a noir crime story. It's dark, compelling but also emotionally resonant and witty. 

True Story: this genre-defying novel marks the arrival of a powerful new literary voice a book by Kate Reed Petty. (

We've all had those moments. Grace decides to execute a revenge plot as payback for her horrific childhood. It's a funny tale of relentless slaughter. What's not to love about that? Made me laugh. 

How to Kill Your Family a book by Bella Mackie. (


We all know that Instagram is a toxic hotbed of fake smugness and radiant happiness that's an illusion. This is a tense thriller about an influencer whose lies come back to haunt her. I was rooting for her to meet a grisly fate.

People Like Her a book by Ellery Lloyd. (

Janet's not happy. In fact she's beyond sad. The thing is. She doesn't mind being sad. It's her life. Then her family start to put pressure on her to try a new pill that will make her happy, just for a day, for Christmas. Really caustic wit and killer one-liners. Loved this. 

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