Saturday, 5 May 2012

Ramblings: Links You'll Like

One thing that really helped me when I was experiencing depression was gaining information. I’ve always been a person who likes to know stuff and I stand by the saying “Knowledge is power” I know the internet is a scary place and that not all the stuff contained here is reliable when it comes to factual accuracy so I though I’d post a few links which I’ve found useful. I also advocate learning as much as you can about what’s wrong and what’s available to help (if you’re well enough to do that). I hate the thought of people being in the dark about what’s out there and suffering in silence.

1) This is a great website written by a bloke from New Zealand who’s a filmmaker, journalist and songwriter and happens to have experienced bipolar. He writes very eloquently about mental health issues and is very informative with a slant towards issues which particularly affect gay and bisexual men and the site is updated regularly and carefully. He’s also got a razor sharp wit.

2) This website is packed with information about mental health disorders and also links to a telephone and email helpline which can be invaluable for anyone in crisis. They run some great campaigns too and feature forums and blogs (including a blog post by me!) too.

3) This relatively new website was founded by the amazing Ruby Wax. I love the fact that Ruby has taken on the concept of knowledge being power to such an extent. She’s now making major inroads into serious academic study and promotes her knowledge through her performances and through this brilliant website. If you get to see her show “Losing It” then do. It’s fantastic. Her work in promoting the cause of mental health is inspiring. This site has got so much stuff on offer including forums, blogs, information pages and regularly updated articles (oh and a blog post by me!)

4) One of the original and best websites which is packed with information and links. Mind run some superb campaigns too and I’m all for fighting the corner when it comes to mental health issues (oh and there’s a blog post by me!)

5) love this campaign site which advocates ending mental health discrimination by talking more about mental health (it doesn’t contain a blog post by me yet but I’m working on it)

One of the most useful things for me when I was severely ill was to be in contact with other people who understood what was happening too. Mental illness is horrific at times and can be very isolating and terrifying. I met some inspirational people over the internet via sites like Blackdogtribe, who helped me enormously.

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